John Norton


John Norton has held leadership positions in American businesses for over 30 years. He began his business career with Procter & Gamble, where he focused on sales and marketing during a time of great expansion for that company. From there, he joined Majers/Dun & Bradstreet, at that time the world’s largest marketing consulting firm. He was the team leader at Anheuser-Busch, Ralston Purina, PepsiCo, and helped drive product growth at those industry giants. He then entered the ski industry, where he was COO at Aspen Skiing Company and CEO at Crested Butte.


During his years at Aspen John drove expansion from skiing as a standalone product, adding emphasis on hotels and hospitality, helped create the world’s best ski and snowboard school, and rebranded the resort. John went to Crested Butte at a troubled time in its history. His task there was to keep the resort from bankruptcy, grow the business, and sell it. He accomplished that.
John, a former marine, graduated from Dartmouth College and has done graduate work in mathematics and pricing at University of Georgia and University of Virginia. He grew up in Pittsburgh, and remains an avid Steeler fan. He lives in the mountains surrounding Crested Butte, and his pursuits include those that are near at hand to those mountains. He and his wife of 34 years have kayaked the Grand Canyon, winter climbed in British Columbia, and competed in the Grand Traverse, a 40 mile winter cross country ski race that begins in Crested Butte and ends on Aspen Mountain.