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United Kingdom, Germany, India, Israel, Mexico, Columbia, Brazil, Argentina, Canada, United States. Our impact is universal.

“I realized early on that we were not learning about an American way of doing business. We were seeing what it took to compete on a global platform.”
Loan Servicing Director, India

“Frankly – it was the best class I’ve attended in my life. Your examples and your messages have been outstanding – a perfect fit for my brain and heart in parallel. You really reframed my mindset and I am daily using your examples to reframe others.”
Sales Executive, former head of the IBM College, Germany

“My leaders came back with a different attitude. They are ready to rock and roll now more than ever. The high point was really the breakthrough for me. It has changed me as a person personally and professionally. This has been the best training I have taken by far!
Telephonics Executive, Brazil

“I would like most of my team to have this opportunity – it honestly is the best leadership training I have ever experienced, and I have experienced a lot, both on a corporate level from previous companies and a general leadership level (I have served on the boards of many non-profits that focus on leadership training).”
Senior Executive, Financial Services, United States

“The program was the very best training I have ever experienced in my 18 year civilian career and it rivaled the officer leadership training I received during my time in the US Army.  The training forced all ~70 participants to be introspective and think hard about our personal level of commitment to being leaders.”
Product Development Executive, United States