• The Problem

As CEO’s and other senior leaders change strategies and place new demands on organizations, many people consciously or unconsciously check out.

The pace of organizational change necessary to win today has left a large portion of the work force uninvolved, disengaged and misaligned. Many others are working hard, but not focused on the most important things. Study after study reach general agreement.

Here is the measured engagement in the management ranks at some pretty good global companies including Lufthansa, Conoco, Goldman Sachs, Oracle and Sun Microsystems:


*This study, from Professors Heike Bruch and Sumantra Ghoshal, and other research from Gary Hamel to Gallup reach roughly the same conclusions.

The Bruch-Ghoshal study is here: Click to download PDF

We provide a triggering event and the follow up necessary for the people in organizations to engage in new ways and produce better business results.