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Modeling Leadership in Our World of Hyper-Change | John Norton | TEDxGeorgeSchool

Our Story

Three times in my career as an operator, I moved into organizations facing staggering threats. Leaders needed real support triggering change throughout the organization and their stakeholders were acting as if their pants weren’t on fire. That led to my interest in how people often do not see plainly and what it takes for organizations and people to change.

At first I had questions about whether people could change. It turns out we can. Change takes an important insight coupled with a commitment. Personal change takes no more than that and it takes no less.

Organizations change trajectory when people change trajectory.

John Norton

When a serious leader has a strategy whose execution is lacking because of cultural issues, we’re the people to call.

We provide a triggering event to roll change quickly across an organization.

We can make that change happen fast.

We drive for the results you want and promise to deliver.