Ian Clough, CEO of DHL U.S., gets it right

The whole discussion of employee engagement drives me nuts half the time. Free doughnuts and flex time isn’t the answer. Being super-nice to your employees isn’t the answer. Doughnuts and kindness may make employees satisfied, but that doesn’t mean they’re engaged.

So your people are satisfied? I could almost say who cares.
Your people are engaged? Now you’ve got my attention.
Clough is the CEO of DHL U.S., with about 100,000 people working for him. He writes in Fast Company:

“A growing list of small and large companies are looking beyond corporate training initiatives, which educate employees about processes and principles, to employee engagement programs, which give those processes meaning and turn those principles into action. As many business leaders see every day in their metrics and meetings, and as many others have read in the pages of this publication, in coverage of Gallup’s “State of the American Workplace” report, too many workers are disconnected from their jobs, many actively undermining the mission they are tasked to complete.”

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