Two different cultures can’t mix without a whole lot of effort…

“…the fundamental problem was cultural differences between the two enterprises….”
It’s a good thing they figured that out before the merger.
Joblicis and Omnicom: An Awkward Disembrace
“THERE’S no point going to the  justice of the peace only to end up before the divorce-court judge”—or its French equivalent—said Maurice Lévy (pictured left) this morning, commenting on the break-up

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Barry Bonds can’t hit Jenny Finch


Though Finch’s pitches didn’t reach the plate any faster than big league heaters do, All-Star sluggers such as Piazza and Bonds couldn’t pick them up in time.

Bonds had the television cameras turned off because he was so embarrassed by his performance.

Why couldn’t they hit Jenny Finch? Because

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Ian Clough, CEO of DHL U.S., gets it right

The whole discussion of employee engagement drives me nuts half the time. Free doughnuts and flex time isn’t the answer. Being super-nice to your employees isn’t the answer. Doughnuts and kindness may make employees satisfied, but that doesn’t mean they’re engaged.

So your people are satisfied? I could almost say who cares.


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Kotter on Change

From John Kotter, probably the most published business author on change, in the Harvard Business Review:
“We cannot ignore the daily demands of running a company, which traditional hierarchies and managerial processes can still do very well. Today companies must constantly seek competitive advantage without disrupting daily operations.
People have been writing for at least 20

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Oldie but Goodie from Jeff Immelt at GE

Jeff lists five growth traits for GE people that are needed for GE to grow organically.

External focus
Imagination and creativity
Decisiveness and clear thinking
Deep domain expertise

Everyone at GE is going to have at least one of these areas as a personal focus each year.

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McKinsey just published Game changers: Five opportunities for US growth and renewal (July 2013)

Here is one of the five:
A more effective US system of talent development. The nation’s long-standing advantage in education and skills has been eroding, but today real improvements are within reach. At the postsecondary level, expanding industry-specific training and increasing the number of graduates in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math could build

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